Custom Order

The custom ordering process includes two types.

1st type:

Custom ordering with graphical design provided by the customer.

2nd type:

Custom ordering with graphical concept to be indicated by the customer and implemented by Rocket3.


Type analysis

1st type:

The first type of custom order has 4 steps.

a)After communication between the customer and Rocket3, we send the customer the size chart he wishes as well as a file with accompanying illustration and an explanatory commentary for adjusting the graphic design to the leggings, t-shirt etc.

b) The customer creates the graphic design of the garment with the following features.

The graphics to be designed should have a dpi (dots per pixel) of 150 and should be of the pdf, eps or psd type and proportional to the pattern of the garment.

Finally, we need to pay close attention to our analysis of our plan to avoid pixel display.

c) The project is sent to Rocket3 where it is checked free of charge, we confirm the suitability of the graphic design and start the production process.

d) The product is shipped to the customer.

2nd type:

The second type of custom-made order includes the following steps.

a) The customer describes in detail, in writing and if necessary including images and the graphic design that wants to reflect on the product as well as size.

b) The order proposal is checked free of charge by Rocket3 and after any clarifications and if it is feasible it is confirmed and proceeds to the next stage.

c) The production process of the garment begins and ends.

d) The product is shipped to the customer.


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